Sunday, March 21, 2010

Great Weekend: Revised

So earlier I posted about how great a weekend I was having(scroll down the blog). I should have known that I was jinxing myself for the worst. Sunday, the last day of Spring Break my children decided to make sure that my patience was tested. First, I had to purchase a new CD tower after my first one busted in half after I spent endless hours alphabetizing my CD collection in the organization of my office. As I was putting the CD tower together, my children found the love for Styrofoam. Needless to say that my office was in terrible shape after they were done having fun. Isn't it amazing how quickly their bodies hurt or they don't feel good when it is time to clean up?To add to the fun, today while I was trying to muster the motivation to finish up some college work I hear my wife calling my name. I go upstairs and lo and behold our wonderful daughter was playing with the water in our upstairs bathroom. Well, she left the water on and also left the washcloth in the sink causing a mini-flood in our house. We noticed a wet spot on our ceiling in our kitchen and then put two and two together. There was water everywhere(floor, carpet, ceiling, in the drawers in the bathroom, etc) Yes, our lovely daughter thought it was quite funny. Maybe this is all done to remind me that there is a reason for me to go to work. 10 days of quality family time is enough. Especially when three of those days was just me and the kids while Amanda was shopping in Chicago. Middle School here I come(although that excitement probably will not be there when I go back to working out at 5 am).
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