Saturday, March 20, 2010

Great Weekend

This is a great weekend. Why?

Is it because after a few days of warm weather and sunshine here in Iowa I woke up this morning to snow? No, I hate snow more than you know.

Is it because that my cd tower split in half after I alphabetized all my cd's(we are talking hundreds my friend)? No, I had to go buy a new tower to keep the office looking good.

It is a good weekend because three milestones were met.

1. I have 50 followers now. Yahoo! That is awesome. I feel good about this because I know time is precious and I appreciate everyone(follower or not) who takes the time to check out my blog and the stuff I share.

2. I have reached the blue star club on ebay. Yes, that means I have 50 great approval ratings. 50 is the key number this weekend.

3. I will say it again because I am still in awe. Jacquelyn Wheeler mentioned my name in her book for acknowledgments. I feel like a superstar. She has made my day in which she has no idea.
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