Saturday, March 20, 2010

Merger by Jacquelyn Wheeler has been released

So, this morning I went through my usual routine of checking about 20 different things on the web including my gmail account and low and behold I was caught off guard with a pleasant surprise. Wheeler emailed me to let me know that the the second book in the series is now available. I am jacked. I loved the first book in Soterian series (check out my review here). Here is the cover which has my mind thrown in 20 different directions. I did not imagine a cover like this which is completely different from book one. This has me super excited to see where this series is going to go. If you read my first review of the first book this was one of the positives to this series(not sure where it would lead). So, I have purchased a hard copy online and I have already purchased the Kindle version and began reading. Once I read the book I will post a review and give the book away in a contest of some sort. Stay tuned and read the first book if you have not done so yet.

P.S. Jacquelyn Wheeler is one of the coolest authors ever. Not only has she provided many words of encouragement to begin writing my own novel, but she also recommended a great album by Frank Zappa on my Musical Journey. She told me to listen to Joe's Apartment and that my friend is another great album.

P.S.S. I have never been this honored before in my life. She mentions my name as being helpful in the world of blogs. Seriously, this is so awesome. I feel special in a good way. I have a whole new appreciation for the author because she is so down to earth. Yes, my name is mentioned, but even if it wasn't how often do authors give credit to the masses who help to encourage readers to read. Wheeler you rock my socks!!!!!!!!!
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