Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Monday

Welcome back to school everyone! Yahoo for school and Yahoo for me says Adam Sandler. I have many posts over Spring Break(the last week for those who don't have this luxury) so be sure to back read if you have been missing out. I want everyone to be thinking about a little booty shaking. Yes, I am preparing the masses of my school to get ready for our very own Soul Train Line Dancing. I am also opening the invitation to anyone else who wants to participate. With the internet all you have to do is make a video and email or post on YouTube for me to have access. I will be making a compilation video that is sure to be the coolest of cool. In the meantime while I work out the details, rules, and locations, you can check out my video to get you ready. I know I have no moves, but who cares right?

The 10 most addictive sounds!!:

A very unusual way to sell jeans or, well, do ANYTHING, but Wrangler’s flash site let’s you play with the model by throwing him off chairs and flinging him across the room (or make him break dance). It’s actually very fun – you do have to, er, unzip him but it’s nowhere near NSFW. Go wild!

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