Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another crazy cowinkiedink

I was preparing or rather brainstorming in my mind about a thought that has been plaguing me lately in terms of my blog(that last part of my statement is going to go right against my forthcoming argument...I realize this now). I put in a post or two every day on my blog as my own creative outlet. I have a brain that spins in this vicious cyclone where I just suck in and absorb everything and cannot focus on one task at a time. This blog has evolved from just being a place to post book reviews after not having a set classroom in 6th grade anymore. It allowed me a chance to connect with the students in the building in a new format. As the year has progressed I have moved the blog to become more of who I am, my thoughts, my posts on what I think is funny, thought provoking, etc. From time to time people will ask why not just stick to book reviews? Or, why do you post what you do?(I also receive many compliments so this is by no means a "pity me" moment). I have been trying to figure out a way to address these questions. I really just want to say, "Who cares if you like the post or not?". It is your opinion. Today, I was reading a blog post of an amazing author, Justine Larbalestier, who wrote a entry title, Feel Free to Hate Antelopes, where she poses the question, "Why do so many people read any statement, no matter how innocuous, as being about them?" You can read the article, but in essence she is asking why people will read something they don't care about or like and then respond with a comment that does not move the dialogue or conversation. I realized at that moment that this answers my question. We have a hard time thinking that things are not about "me"/us(take me for example and how many times I have referenced myself in just this post). To give an example, people know I love coffee, but do I really need to know that you don't like coffee? No. Justine puts it best in her post when she writes

Why do people keep being affronted by other people caring about something they don’t care about? If it doesn’t interest you, don’t engage. Why the need to tell the world that you hate and/or are bored by it? Why do people read a long post in which someone sets forth their love of antelopes as saying that everyone must like antelopes. You are free to hate antelopes! Go forth and hate antelopes! But, you know, don’t bore the person who just spent time and energy waxing eloquent about their love of antelopes. You can take it as read that their interest in your antelope hatred is zero.

So, let us just keep it simple. Rather than asking you to respond to this rant(because I guess in the end I would rather hear any of your thoughts just to know I have an audience whether important or not....I like the communication aspect of blogging), how about we just lay things on the line because I feel that will get more responses and comments on the blog(selfish once again).
Here is what I am posing to you. Post what you like and/or don't like. I am providing you a chance to vent your ideas.

Here are my likes in no particular order
1. Coffee

2. Chocolate

3. Pens over pencils

4. Music

5. Being unafraid to make fun of myself and sharing my thoughts on this blog(seriously overtaken my life)

6. Family(well, most of them anyway)

7. YouTube

8. Basketball

9. Warm weather

10. Reading

Here are my dislikes

1. Feet....especially toes

2. Hair

3. Squash

4. My two dogs

5. The fact that my metabolism is slowing down and my weight is shifting ever so slightly especially when I consume massive amounts of chocolate.

6. The hair on my head is falling out while growing in other places(no further comments people)

7. People who walk their dogs, dog(s) poop in my front yard, owner continues walking without cleaning up, me or my children walk in poop.

8. People who walk dogs with bags of poop being held in their hand. Really, who is in charge? What a power trip to poop on the ground, have someone pick it up for you while you kick grass at them, then force them to follow behind you while you have a smile on your face while people look at them funny for having a bag of turds. (I just have a strong temporary dislike for dogs due to my own two ignorant creatures that reside in my household).

9.Ignorant People

10. The lack of common sense. Yes, this is different from being ignorant. You can be intelligent but lack all the common sense in the world.

What are yours? Yes, I realize this post is long and has moved to several ideas(hence the reference to my chaotic cyclone in my head). Feel free to post any thoughts, ideas, comments.
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