Friday, April 2, 2010

Book Review: Traces: Framed by Malcolm Rose

Book: Framed! (Traces)
This description is from Forensic Investigator Luke Harding is called to investigate his first real case--a young student has been mysteriously shot and killed by an arrow. The boy's murder is followed in swift succession by two more grisly deaths in this first installment in the Traces series. Luke Harding is excited to become the youngest person ever to qualify as a forensic investigator. He barely has time to celebrate his final exams when Malc, his Mobile Aid to Law and Crime, calls him to their first case. A fellow student has been mysteriously shot dead with an arrow. Two more grisly on-campus murders follow, and all the evidence points to Luke himself. The stakes are high as Luke sets out to prove his innocence and show that he has the talent to crack any crime.

I loved this book. I know it is a few years old. Once again, this author is from the UK and I found his materials shopping in the Amazon UK site(I love UK so much more than the US store). The UK has once again proven that their authors and what is popular there is so much cooler than US. The book jackets are better and the stories are more clever and right up in your face. This book is recommended for grades 5-8 and how I wish I had a book like this growing up. The murder scenes are cool, the robot helper is awesome. I cannot say enough about this book. I read it one sitting while my children were sleeping and Amanda was in Chicago. Needless to say I have ordered the rest of the books in the series(so much for reducing my book collection) and will read them all when they arrive. If you like murder, mystery, forensic science and tv shows, then read this book. It reads very fast and the characters are all ones that I cannot wait to enjoy reading about again.
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