Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ramona is a movie? What?

I cannot believe this! I forgot all about this book series. I came across this trailer and realized how much I loved this series when I was little. I also remember the tv show which is what I loved more. After reading about Ramona I had no idea that so many people were against the tv show. What you are oblivious to when you are kid. I came across the opening theme song on Youtube and I instantly remembered the entire atmosphere. I remember the house, Ramona in the rain, and the one episode where she gets gum in her hair or something. I am now in pursuit of copies of the tv series.

Here I am feeling old that this is being remade into a movie with the next generation of celebrities. So what do I do to prepare myself. I figured since I was already traveling down memory lane with my Musical Journey quest I decided to do the same with my reading. Yes, I went online and put ever Ramona book on hold. Let the nostalgia take place. Will keep everyone updated as they come in. In the meantime go ahead and check out the movie trailer. For some reason this does not bother me like the remake of Karate Kid.

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