Sunday, May 30, 2010

Book Review: Trackers by Patrick Carman

I have been in a reading frenzy lately where I have been back in my groove just reading book after book. The books have been enjoyable so that always helps. Trackers by Patrick Carman is his latest novel that combines puzzles, web, videos, computer technology, and the whole media based book concept that he used with his Skeleton Creek series. If you enjoy Skeleton Creek, then you will love this book. It is not spooky like Skeleton Creek, but instead is more of a cyber mystery adventure. The main character is a boy who is a computer genius. He helps his father out in the computer shop fixing computers, hard drives, and anything else computer related. He has also created over time his own inventions made out of game controllers and various bits and pieces. He has his own little place in the shop called the Vault which is a computer heaven. He finds himself involved in an intricate plot along with his three friends when his Vault is hacked and all of his inventions, computer coding, software is hacked. This was thought to be impossible. These four set out on a high paced adventure to retrieve everything back. He is after a girl named Zara who has been involved in the taking of his work. Without saying more the journey begins and it is a fun one.

As you read you do stop to watch the video segments along the way. You login to a website to watch the clips. There are also a glyphmaster puzzle challenge, a map that updates while you read, and a invention/gadget link to check out the items they use in the book. If you don't have access to internet while reading, then you can read the transcripts in the back of the book. I really liked this book. I read it in one day. I was hooked. I love computers, love technology, and adventure. You need to read this especially if you have read Skeleton Creek and enjoyed that format. This one will create much buzz at my school next year when we are back in session. Patrick Carman has been on fire with his writing and I hope it continues. I would love to have an online book club discussion with Patrick Carman in the future. I think my students would sign up like crazy. Go out and read the book.

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