Sunday, May 30, 2010

Health article as I prepare to run a race

I have decided that I want to be able to complete a half marathon. I know it sounds like a stupid goal as I am one of the many that absolutely hate running. I don't understand the joy from running, but I am also a person who needs to sign up for races or competitions to stay motivated to work out. As many already know(who work with me or are friends of mine) I work out M-F at 5:00 in the morning. I usually start my day out at 4:30 where I decide what I will post on this blog for the day and check my routine websites. Cardio is always something that has lacked. Even when I have been in good shape, I find ways to avoid running. A few years ago I was in great shape for the Chicago Urbanathlon. Here are my goals for the summer and into the fall.

Goal #1: Run in one of the two half marathons in September(either the Quad City one or the Waterloo Park to Park)

To achieve this goal I have created checkpoint goals

Goal #2: Spend the last week and the next two weeks to build a base of running where I am putting in 15 miles each week to establish a foundation
** I completed 13 miles this week and feel good making 15 this week**

Goal #3: Follow a half marathon 12 week workout when the timing presents itself. So, I will need to start this training in mid July when it is nice and cool. HA!

Goal #4: To stay motivated for the training for the half marathon I will run the Bix 7 and keep me focused up until mid July

These four goals all lead to my ultimate goal

Ultimate Goal: run the entire Chicago Urbanathlon without walking.

I have a good plan(at least I think I do) to get things going. That is always the first step. I have gone back to really trying to eat healthy. I think I will need to shed about 13-15 lbs in order for my joints to hold up. I have lost a few lbs just this week so headed in the right direction. I will keep you posted.

In the meantime I came across this article about drinking water and the benefits. Many of us already know the benefits but it is always a good reminder.

Here is another about whether or not you are getting enough.

**thanks to Mike Young from Athletic Lab for sharing on Twitter**
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