Thursday, July 8, 2010

Book Review: Short Second Life of Bree

Back in March I mentioned the release of this novel on my blog. I liked this little novella. I know on Amazon it has a medium rating and same thing holds true on other sites. When you read I don't think you can go into it with the same anticipation as the Twilight series. It is a novella, which means it is shorter. It basically follows the last five days of Bree who was mentioned very briefly in the series. The beginning really hooked me, then I lost some interest and then really got back into in the end when I reconnected the series. I thought it was cool to read about one of the better fight scenes of the series from a different perspective. With this book we all know how it will end if you have read the series. I thought it was a very nice easy summer read which is perfect for this time of year. With the movies catching all the buzz it was a good tie in. I know many people discuss her writing style and whether it is good or not(I am one of those people), but look at her success and regardless of your opinion she has struck a chord with a massive audience. In the end I would recommend this novella to read if you are a Twilight fan. To me this is the same with the Harry Potter series and the Beetle the Bard book by J.K. Rowling. It offers a glimpse of the universe we have all come to love, but just a different perspective. In the end, not a must read, but a read that I would recommend because it is short and interesting.

I have to admit (which is hard for me) that I am just as much of a fan of this series as the next even though I have strong opinions on the series and really, really hated book 2. However, I have now read this novel and also Nightlite which was the parody. The only thing I have not done is watch the movies. But, I know at some point I probably will. Whew, I am done now that I have confessed my fandom for this world of vampires.
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