Friday, July 16, 2010

Half Marathon Training: Week 2 - Day 5 - Run 3

Today, I woke up feeling pretty good. My body is still sore from lifting on Monday and Wednesday so we decided to take it easy on the body and do an arm workout. It was a tough workout, but nothing that would wear the body out more.
We completed 3 sets of 15 on the following exercises:
*Revers Grip Bench Press
*Tricep Pulldowns
*Rope Overhead Cable Extensions
*Reverse Grip Barbell Curls
*Hammer Curls

After getting home from lifting and eating breakfast and spending time with Aiden I went out for my run. Today the program called for 4 easy miles at a 10:30 pace. I still don't know if I can run that slow. I did run the slowest so far of all my runs. I did not want to push(it is an easy day) and want my body ready for my big first run on Sunday. I ran at a 9:09 pace for all 4 miles which is actually my half marathon goal pace so I can try and finish in under 2 hours. I felt like I was crawling, but it was good for the body. My quads are actually sore from the running yesterday as is my left knee. The quads I am not concerned with as I know I pushed myself maybe a little too hard yesterday, but my knee concerns me. So far, I have had no knee pain which has been my biggest fear for running. I have terrible knees. Hopefully, it will reside and go away. I made sure I stretched out good after my run to help with the soreness. I also purchased a foam roller on Amazon to help with the aches and will review that when it arrives. Anyone who reads this and runs, do you have specific stretches that you do that you swear by? I am constantly learning new tricks and techniques now that I have focused in on running.

I posted yesterday that I was looking for music recommendations for my play list for the Bix race next Saturday. I posted here on the blog and a few other sites and already have received some good suggestions. You can check the music player in the sidebar to see what has come my way already. One album that was recommended to me by a long time friend was the Murder Was The Case soundtrack which is some old school rap that we grew up to. I did put the songs over in the play list due to content and language, but just wanted everyone to know it was suggested as well as the greatest hits of Boyz II Men(I just added Motownphilly), and the Floored album by Sugar Ray(I just added Fly). Keep the suggestions coming. As you can tell it is an interesting mix and I look forward to running to them. I may try out what has been suggested so far on my long run Sunday and provide some feedback.

Lastly, I have mapped out my run for Sunday. I drove it this morning. Holy Cow! 8 miles is long distance even by car. I cannot believe the amount of land I will be covering Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed for me and if you see a bald ugly tall dude passed out on the side of the road, don't worry it is just me wondering what I am doing.

Now that I am done painting the kitchen, my goal today is to put up more beadboard and change all 12 outlets. Saturday is my day of rest so I will not be doing anything exercise wise except having a good time dancing 12th row at the Brad Paisley concert. I will be sure to take pictures on my new iPhone that arrives in the mail today.

Keep reaching for your goals and celebrate when you do. Remember the only person that can stop you is yourself. Have a great Friday.
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