Thursday, July 15, 2010

Input needed from my fellow followers and readers

As I have continued to push myself to be healthy and train for this half marathon, I have listened to a lot of music while out on the road to distract my brain from figuring out what exactly is going on. I find myself listening to the same old bands and songs over and over. Here is where I need your help

Input I Need: I want to create a playlist for the Bix 7 run next Saturday. I want completely new and random music to keep me off guard and curious. I plan to set my iPod to shuffle on this playlist that I will title, "7 miles and hills are torture!" So, please submit to me songs and please include the artist. I will add them to my playlist and will not listen to them until race day. I will leave it up to you all to create the playlist. I will also add the playlist to this website for you to hear what I will be hearing.

Leave a comment or email me at

My ears anxiously await your suggestions.
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