Sunday, July 11, 2010

Running Goals Update

On May 30th I posted a post where I outline my goals for running this summer. I had four goals in preparation for the running of the Chicago Urbanathlon. I figured since I just finished a race I would go ahead and reflect on my goals and my preparation.

I still have all the goals in place to be completed. I had a little bit of a set back earlier in the summer where I did not run for about 2 weeks. When I posted in May, I was doing a nice job getting this body ready for running by getting in around 15 miles a week to build a base. As soon I did that for two weeks, I took off for a Dave Matthews concert, followed by going to the Wisconsin Dells, and then traveling with my father in law to help coach basketball. I know excuses are easy to create, but I was all over the place and eating like a slob. I felt gross and regained my motivation. I am jumped backed into running again. Instead of doing a 12 week half marathon program, I had to change to a 9 week plan to be ready on time. I also ran the Bix at 6 this past week for the first time. Holy Cow!! That course is a monster. I always had respect for the people that run the Bix, but now after finally getting my body out there I have a whole new respect for it. I ran the Bix at 6 in 67 minutes which I was very pleased with considering that I am still not in the greatest shape. Last night (Saturday) I ran in the Moonlight Chase. This is a flat 4 mile course in Eldridge. I set a new personal best with my mile pace by finishing in 32:20. This is an 8:05 mile pace. I increased my PR by 11 seconds where my previous best was 8:16. So I was very happy with myself. The hardest challenge is that I am supposed to run 5 miles today and I am very sore. I did sign up for the Bix so I have to prepare for that race and there is not backing out now. So far, so good and I am still on the right path to achieving all my goals. Off to drink another cup of coffee, some coconut water and to the road to run. Maybe I will see you out and about running.
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