Saturday, August 28, 2010

Book Review: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins **NO SPOILERS**

I accomplished two goals today.

1. I finished reading Mockingjay
2. I read my first complete book on the iPad

A weird way to start off a book review, especially a book with so much publicity. I will bring you up to speed on all of my thoughts as they whirl around in my head as I just literally finished this book minutes ago. I had pre-ordered the book through months ago. I was so excited last weekend to receive the message that it had been mailed. I expected the book on Tuesday on release day, but nobody came to drop it off. I could not wait and purchased it on for my Kindle app on my iPad. I read 30% of the book the first night. Wednesday, the hardcover did not come once again, so I kept on reading, but not too much as I was busy with my kids going back to school. Thursday, the book is finally delivered and I considered switching over the hardcover, but in the end decided to stick with the iPad. I will admit that I still love the good old feeling of a classic book in my hands. The iPad gave me a headache at times, but by Thursday my eyes had finally grown used to the back light of the screen. It was also quite nice to have while reading in bed and not needing a light source. I will continue to read on my iPad when I don't have the luxury of owning or borrowing a book.

On to the book. I was just reminiscing about when I finished Hunger Games when it was first released. I remember thinking clearly how I wished that book would stay a stand alone novel because it was that good. At that time the whole concept of creating a trilogy was really taking off and it seemed(still happening now) that any possible storyline that could be popular was automatically turned to a trilogy whether it was needed or not. I remember finishing the book, thinking it was the best book I read that year(which it was) and begging for no more in the series because I did not want it to be ruined. However, I knew two more books were coming whether I liked it or not.

I am so glad she wrote two more books. I felt that Catching Fire was parallel to Hunger Games. The story just sucked me in as I reviewed that novel this week as well. So, as stated above I was super excited for the final installment. I was as excited as waiting for book 7 of Harry Potter in hopes that he would be killed off(great book even though he lived).

The final book I felt was different from the other two. I never imagined the storyline to encompass such a large scope of events. Going from a Hunger Games of kids fighting each other to the death was tragic, but it was still not a major event(many books have a similar premise). I never thought while reading Hunger Games that a revolution would eventually unfold where politics, rebels, technology, and trying to decide how run the world would be involved. But I love it! I really do. It went beyond my imagination and captured it completely.

The book is different as we really delve into the mind of Katniss. We spend much of the beginning(well, I guess throughout the whole book) really in her mind dealing with her thoughts, who to trust, what to do, herself, her love, etc. Then the plot takes off like a rocket when the decisions and plans are put into place. I will not give anything away, but There were about 5 situations that I did not see coming my way. The book caught me off guard and here I thought I knew how things would go being a YA novel and knowing how kids/teens like things to unravel.

Honestly, the best trilogy I have ever read. Hands down, no argument(note to readers, I have not read all trilogies so there could be another one lurching on the shelves for me discover and change my mind). Arguably, one of the best series period with Harry Potter always being in the mix, Lord of the Rings, and my weak spot for Skeleton Creek.

I really want to go back and start a book club on this series. I think my Twitter book club would be a perfect place to do this. We could start with Hunger Games, create a calendar for when we post certain chapters, and work our way through the three books. Reading them slower and digging deep into the writing. If interested leave a comment and if there is enough interest, then we will get it going.

Go read this now! This is the read of year and it has lived up to the hype.
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