Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Recap

There was a lot of postings this week. Here is a quick summary in case you missed anything.

1. Teacher Mystery Challenge Voting closes tomorrow at midnight
2. Nerd Factory Season 2 Episode 1 video that includes a challenge to design a T-shirt for the blog
3. Vote on favorite book over in the sidebar
4. Book Review: Saga of the Bloody Benders, The Goon, Catching Fire
5. Tuesday Listography Challenge
6. Wednesday - Word and Research Topic of the Week
7. As always my half marathon training rants

If you want anything added for next week please let me know. Have a great weekend!

Here is a little trivia for you. See if you can discover the answers without googling the direct answers. Try to challange your brain.

1. Finnmark, punctuated by fjords and inhabited by reindeer herders, is the northernmost county of what country?
2. Roraima, a state with a shoreline on the Rio Negro, is located along the equator in what country?
3. What is the capital and principal city for the state of Western Australia?
4. In the 1960s, Rwanda and Burundi gained their independence from which European country?
5. The Pilcomayo River forms part of the border between Paraguay and what country?

These five questions come from National Geographic. Do a little research, examine some maps and try to learn something on your own. This is what we did back before Google gave us an instant answer.
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