Monday, August 9, 2010

Half Marathon Training - Week 5 and 6 - Sunday and Monday

I took the kids to my parents house this weekend in Indiana. Needless to say I did not eat the most healthy. All those darn snack items that grandparents love to have out for the grandkids yet it was me who polished off the whoppers and frosted animal crackers. After arriving home Sunday evening from a long drive, I went out for a run in the heat and humidity. I felt pretty loose after mowing the yard so I did not stretch too much. I have been battling an injury of some sort on my right leg between my Achilles and my calf. I don't know what that ligament or tendon is called, but has been hurting for about 5 days. I did not run Saturday and the pain did subside, but Sunday night while out running my 5 miles, it started to hurt at the 2 mile mark. I know that probably the only thing to help it is to stop running, but I just cannot do that right now. It is not painful enough to force me to just rest, but I know that it does hurt and is not going away. Anyways, I ran my 5 miles at a 9:11 pace to finish in 46:06. This was too be an nice easy run and for the most part it was. I will be honest it turned out to be a mental challenge. Not even an half mile into the the run I started to cramp in my stomach so I had to learn how to run through the pain. This was good for me because I have not had to experience that much at all yet in my running so it was important to teach myself that I can run through the pain. I started to get tired around the 3.5 mile mark and that was probably due to losing so much liquid. When I finished running I weighed myself and I dropped 5.5 lbs just in that one run. That is how much I sweated with the heat and humidity. I woke up this morning and felt good so that is a sign that I took care of myself properly after the run.

I do not run today. Today is a rest day which is good as my leg is sore and it is supposed to rain all day today. We performed the same circuit from last week this morning. We performed sets of 45 seconds of the following exercises. This was tough. We completed one round and called it good again. We finished with some light ab work to top things off. We just are not quite ready for round two even though we gave it more thought this week.
1. Standard Push-up
2. Wide Front Pull-Up
3. Military Push-Up
4. Reverse Grip Chin Up
5. Wide Fly Push-Up
6. Closed Grip Pull-Up
7. Decline Push-Up
8. Diamond Push-Up
9. Dive Bomber Push-Up
10. Back Fly

I will be running 25 miles this week with a nice long run of 10 miles on Sunday. I off to get more coffee and make sure Amanda is up as she starts school today. Keep working hard towards your goals!
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