Friday, August 6, 2010

Half Marathon Training - Week 5 - Friday

I made a vow to myself that I would run this 4 mile run nice and easy. I finally was able to slow myself down and just have an enjoyable run. I ran the 4 miles in 37:21 for an 9:20 pace. This is the slowest I have ran since I started training. It was nice to be able to just run and not worry about time or anything. My body was not ready to be pushed as it is still a little tired from running everyday this week. I look forward to not doing any running or lifting until Sunday when I have a 5 mile run.

After finishing up my run, I jumped in my car and headed to the Y for a shoulder and arm workout. I will admit that I am still sore from lifting on Wednesday. I really liked this workout today. We only did one circuit today, but plan on adding another round next week. Here is what we did. This workout will give you a nice pump.

1. Alternate Should Press - 50 seconds
2. In and Out Bicep Curl - 16 reps
3. Two Arm Tricep Kickback - 35 seconds
4. Deep Swimmer Press - 1 minute
5. Concentration Curl - 1 minute
6. Chair Dip - 45 seconds
7. Upright Row - 45 seconds
8. Static Arm Curl - 16 reps
9. Flip Grip Twist - 45 seconds
10. Crouch Cohen Curls - 1 minute
11. Lying Tricep Extensions - 45 seconds

These lifts are adapted from the P90X program. We just eliminated some items and rested as needed. We did not follow the dvd as prescribed, but just took some of the lifts and modified to create our own circuits. I used anywhere between 25-35 lbs dumbbells for the lifts.

God designed the human body so we can neither pat our own backs nor kick ourselves too easily. I am halfway through my training and I still have a long way to go. I cannot believe how far I have come in my training and running threshold. I still need to sign up for the Park to Park half marathon and begin to start adding a day of Urbanathlon training as well. I forgot to weigh myself this week, but I feel good about myself and think I am back on track after falling off the tracks in Chicago last weekend. As the quote states, I am proud of myself, but cannot pat my back yet as I still have a long way to go and on the flipside I cannot beat myself up when things don't go according to plan because that does not help out the situation. 

I will be back in Elkhart this weekend visiting my parents with my kids. We will be spending all day bug hunting and looking for animals. Should be fun! Will post again on Sunday after my 5 mile run.
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