Friday, August 20, 2010

Half Marathon Training - Week 7 - Friday - Weights and Knee Update

I am supposed to run 3 miles today. I am not sure if I am going to run today or not. I finally made it to the doctor yesterday and arrived at the correct time. Dr. Ellis was a great help. She ran me through some tests, asked some questions, took a few X-Rays, and shot me up with cortisone. What I have is nothing serious, but just a pain the butt(er...knee). My plica band is just becoming inflammed. This is not some rare thing, but most people do not have issues with their plica band as it is just left over tissue from when we were growing up as kids. What causes the inflammation is repititious movement, bending, and increased training. I went out on the internet when I got home from the doctor and did some research as I have never heard of this part of the knee before and found one site that was really good. I will link it here. This site also discusses that not stretching properly can cause the pain. I guess I need I need to rethink my stretching routine as that may help matters. Ellis gave me a cortisone shot on my band and moved it around. My knee is a little tender today, but it should get better and better each day. I may try to run tonight to get ready for my 11 mile run Sunday. It should be good to go by then.

This morning we did workout. We completed the following workout. It was a good one.

1a Incline Bench 5 x 5 (70%,75%,80%,85%, 70%)
1b. Seated Cable Row 5 x 5 (70%,75%,80%,85%, 70%)

2a. DB Bench 2 x 10
2b. One Arm Row 2 x 10 each side
The following lifts are done using a TRX Suspension Trainer
3a. Suspended Push-Up - max out
3b. Inverted Row - max out
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