Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chicago Urbanathlon Training - Week 1 - Wednesday

Today we had a sprint workout. We met up on the track at the high school and performed the following workout. My legs are starting to slowly work out the soreness. Quads still are tender, but they loosened up running this morning.

.5 mile warmup run to get body loose

Tabata Sprint #1: This has you sprinting for 20 seconds followed by a 10 second jog. You repeat this process 8 times without rest so it should take 4 minutes when all is said and done. The first time we did this we covered .68 of a mile with a 6:37 mile pace with a max speed of 11.6 mph.

Tabata Sprint #2: We did another round of sprints where we once again covered .68 of a mile with a mile pace of 6:37 and a max speed of 12.1 mph.

We then ran a .5 mile cool down to keep muscles loose, but to allow body to recover before moving on to next phase.

Our next part of the training we ran .5 miles and then jumped on the stairs to prepare for Soldier Field. We did this two times.

We finished with a .25 mile sprint to finish everything up right after our last stair with no rest. I ran the .24 in 1:30 and my legs were toast by this point.

Overall, we ran and did stairs for a total of 3.4 miles. I don't think my stairs calibrated, but that is okay.
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