Thursday, September 30, 2010

What do you do with 8 ingredients and less than $10? Build a VOLCANO!

Being the nerd that I am, I love to build and make different things with my kids, especially when I am home alone with them to avoid and fighting and not worrying about making a mess with mom around!! Over the course of the last week we(Aiden and I) decided to take one of our science experiment books and choose an activity. We went with the volcano. Here is all you need: flour, water, cardboard, newspaper, paint, paintbrush, diet soda, and Mentos. The video below is a recap of everything we did together and even Addy jumped in and got involved(yes, the Cat make-up artist).

Why do I post this and why did I make a video? The answer is simple. I wanted to show people that it does not take much to be with your kids and do something fun. There is nothing more rewarding then spending time with your kids. The hardest part is not getting too involved and doing everything for them. I did not help in anything except cutting cardboard strips to form around the 2-liter to begin the framework for a volcano. The kids did the rest and they did an amazing job. I really cannot believe what they actually created. It just reminds me as both a parent and teacher that kids are capable of many things if we just give them a chance to shine.

This was awesome and fun and easily gave us 5 nights of things to do. Enjoy the video, please post your thoughts, and if you have a suggestion of something you would like us to try and do, then please leave a comment. Maybe it is something you have done or maybe something you want us try first and let you know how it turns out. I will tell you that we are working on two projects soon. One involves a garbage can and smoke and the other is painting with milk. Stay tuned......

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