Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Goals and Setbacks

I am writing this piece for several reasons. One reason is to visually provide myself a snapshot of where I am right now in my life. Second, hopefully if I share this with my readers, then I can connect with at least one person to let them know that life is full of ups and downs and help them persevere through hard times. Third, to get this off my chest, quit being grumpy about things and move on.
This weekend I had made a personal best in my running. I have been training very hard the last two and a half months and this Sunday proved my hard work when I ran 13.1 miles in 1 hour and 53 minutes. I have not been that proud of an achievement in a looooooooooooong time. Things were feeling good. I had a good run, I had a great time with my family at the circus the night before, and then everything fell apart.
Sunday I woke up to work on my blog and videos when my computer froze. I don’t mean just a little problem; I have put at least 15 hours into this computer and still nothing. This is the computer I call Big Boi as it runs everything in my house. I have accepted the fact that it might not be repairable. I tried cleaning the parts, going back to previous back up points, even rebooting my hard drive from scratch and that does not even work. So, I am off to rebuild my computer with a new hard drive and operating system. Time to learn something new amongst everything going on. So, I cannot get work done at home and that is where I am able to get the most work done when I am sitting in the nerd cave. I have been through every emotion (mostly anger) and have finally accepted it…until my video card also decided to give out. My computer is falling apart quickly and what better way to spend money than on something to bring you back to where you were……
Monday, as I was taking the kids with me to the store to finish up a kitchen project I have stalled on (no pun intended. see next part) my car died. It locked up. I was already in need of a new air compressor as my air condition went out, but the car locked. My starter died. I had to have Amanda come pick me and kids up at Lowes so I could go home, research how to find the starter (I know nothing about cars) and get it going. I already had an apt. for my car to be fixed on Tuesday. After some tinkering and further frustrations, my car started, sounding terrible, and I was able to get it to the shop. Now, we have one car to navigate everywhere. What a pain.
Whew! I honestly say that I feel better writing all of this. Thanks for listening to my rant. I needed to get it off my chest and it worked. Do you have things on your mind? Get it out of you head and post your frustrations in the comment section. This will be our little venting area. I am now ready to tackle my problems and be at ease. Amazing how something so simple is so effective.
UPDATE: I just got my computer up and running tonight way past my bedtime. I lost all my blog files and about 20 pages of documents that I was compiling for future blogs and videos. I also lost all my bookmarks to my favorite websites and some photos of my kids. Not sure what else is lost, but time will tell. At least my computer is back up and running after about 20 hours of service.
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