Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Diigo Groups

I am working on learning about Diigo and implementing it as a useful tool in my teaching practices. I have created four groups which you can see on the page link on top labeled Diigo. Feel like joining? Go ahead. I have a BMS group and Coffee For The Brain Diigo group.

Not sure what Diigo is? It is simply a web tool that allows you to share articles, research, highlighting important parts of websites, making sticky notes, collaborating on the information, etc.

Come join my group and let us explore and learn together about Diigo. Why not work together to fit the pieces of the puzzle together and find out how to make this super awesome tool useful in the classroom.

I will be experimenting with Diigo with my Lego Robotics team and as extra credit with my Animal Farm language arts extension unit. Will keep you posted.
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