Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ITEC Conference: Learning and Goals

**This is a long post which I learned today from Cool Cat Teacher is not what you are to do, but I have too much to share about the ITEC Conference to not go long.**

I attended the ITEC Conference today as it was such a breath of fresh air. Why? Simple, this conference has once again sparked my passion for technology. Now, I sat in my car on drive home (about an hour) and started to plot everything I have going on in my life right now and everything that I am trying to accomplish. I have a lot on my plate. Lately, I have been feeling run down and tired. However, today I felt the strong urge to accomplish a few more goals. First, let me start with what I am currently working on.

1. This blog - it continues to get bigger as I become more involved in more projects and ideas. I want to really expand my blog to the next level. I want to be able to have student created posts and participation. My goals would be to eventually have a partner blog where the other blog would be all student driven work and materials.
2. Training for my races with the last big one this weekend. Training for triathalon starts late fall/winter.
3. Lego Robotics - our team is doing great, but I am quickly realizing that we have our hands quite full with much to learn and do by December 11th.
4. Continuing to create a better program for my students in ELP and extensions
5. Preparing for a board presentation come November
6. Reading the 100+ books for the Cybils Book Panel that I was selected to be part of.
7. Prepping for my very own Coffee For The Brain March Madness Book Tournament coming soon to a blog near you.

These seven things mentioned above are just job/personal goals of mine that don't include the daily goals of being a good father and husband(which is plenty to keep one busy) and finding time to just have fun. However, this conference has me thinking of new ideas and things that I want to try. I realize that not all of this will be possible, nor will it all be able to be accomplished this year. However, I will take on one or two right away and continue to chip away at this goal list at a pace that makes it work and fun!

1. Twitter feed for Bettendorf Middle School operated by my TA. My students will be divided into teams and their job will be to gather information to be posted on the Twitter feed. This feed will only be for Middle School and keep teachers and students current with events going on around the building.

2. Dailybooth pictures. I would like to showcase my students working in the classroom and posting pictures of them in action for parents, teachers, and community to see that learning is taking place. Maybe Dailybooth is the format, but I would like something similar to post and have instant online access.

3. iGoogle Personal Learning Network that I learned about from Vicki Davis a.k.a. Cool Cat Teacher who presented here at the conference. This is something that I feel would be so valuable to have for my students. First, I have to learn how to create this before embarking this task upon my students. I need help building this they way Cool Cat Teacher showed at the conference. I must email her and find more information

4. Build my own Google Site. I have a basic plan started, but have much to learn. One more step to expanding this blog and my impact on technology and learning.

5. Diigo. Once again Cool Cat Teacher opened my eyes to a tool that I feel will change the concept of research and learning as we know it. Many are already using it and it is time for me to get on board. I have this up and running already, but need to find a way to share my links on my blog.

6. Foursquare

7. Somehow, someway getting my own classroom up on the iTunes U section where I will video myself teaching, providing handouts, podcasts, student interactions, etc. My whole class would essentially be available for download.

8. Using and finding a way to possibly implement World of Warcraft into curriculum or after school club/activity.

9. Collaborate online with students from other states and countries to work on learning objectives and goals. By creating a real world audience I believe the learning will be much more powerful.

10. Read all the books mentioned in the various presentations. There were some really interesting reads shared by the presenters.

These are some lofty goals, but if I take them one at a time I will be super excited to see where this all leads.

I will also be typing up all of my notes and eventually sharing what I learned from the conference as well. This will happen in chunks as I take on each of these items stated above.
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