Friday, November 5, 2010

Goal Setting: Sometimes you just have to educate yourself

I am back to tackle the subject of goal setting. Why? Because I think it is so important and a topic that not everyone really understands on how to do create the proper goals. For example, I have spent a long part of my life creating goals - some good and some bad - to help me achieve and stay motivated. I am constantly learning how to find that right gauge of setting a goal that is realistic, but still a challenge.

For instance, I ate at Panera Bread the other night. I love this place. I could honestly eat there every day of my life and would choose over most fancy restaurants. Anyways, I was reading from the Eat This Not That website that the Panera Bread Large Frozen Mocha would require a 7.8 mile walk to burn off. 7.8 miles. Is that really worth it? Heck no, especially after I have began to realize how hard excercise is when it pertains to biking and swimming.

You become what you think about most of the time. This is a Fact. So, what do you think about? Are you someone who thinks all these ideas and have all these plans for the future, but never see them through to the end? Many of us are "starters", but rarely do we get the chance to call ourselves "finishers". As I set out this summer to get in shape I started small, did my research, and adapted along the way.

I started small by just trying to run 12-15 miles in one week however I could get it done. I struggled. My body hurt, my feet and knees were in constant pain. Could I have quit? Sure, I could have blamed the pain or simply said that was good enough for me. I pursued and persisted. Four months later I am ran a half marathon and Urbanathlon and felt the best I have ever felt. It was not overnight and not always easy.

Come up with a goal. Divide it into smaller sections. Do your research and learn about your goal. I read tons of books about training and running. Keep a dream book or something similar to write your goals down and how things are going. This blog acts as my dream book.

What is next on my plate? I took two weeks off after the Urbanathlon. This week I have begun to acquaint myself and prepare for a triathlon next spring and possibly a marathon for the summer. Not sure if I can train for both at the same time. I am still educating myself and putting together a plan. 

What is your plan? Write down your goal and then break it into smaller sections to pat yourself on the back as you progress.

I will share my goal sheet for the week with you this weekend and reflect on my large learning curve and how that helps me figure out what to do next.
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