Sunday, November 7, 2010

Triathlon Training - Week 1 of Figuring Things Out

I was trying to come up with a clever little title for this particular phase of my training and goal setting. I have nothing so far on this early Sunday morning with no flash drive that contains everything for life. Yeah, I know that will say, "You should have backed it up!". I did, but my hard drive on my computer crashed so I lost the back up as well. I am praying to every god in every religion that it will show up, but things are not looking very good right now.

Anyways, here is a recap of my training for the week. This was the intended training plan.

Week 1 – Building a Base/Getting Used To Multi-Training


  • Run 5 miles - Knocked this run out. Ran with Mr. Uhde and we ran 5.5 miles in 44 minutes for a 8:00/mile pace. Good start to the week. Nice to run with another person and get outside before all the cold weather hits.
  • TRX Core or Burpee Pushups - I did not get this workout in. Plan to get this done in week 2.
  • Swim – 1000 yards (20 laps/ 40 lengths) - This was too lofty of a goal for me. I have never swam laps before in my life. All I have ever done was just casual swimming. I ended up only swimming 550 yards because I realized that I needed to go home, study up on some drills and techniques and not waste my time. I was working 5x harder than everyone else and going 3x as slow. Too much drag, breathing was a mess, splashing everywhere. Not good, but a good wake up call that I need to work on this aspect and there is plenty of time to do so.
  • Lift – Circuit training – sets of 15 - we did this prior to swimming. Good little workout. Did not record weights. Will do so this week.
    • 2 x 15
      • Tri Extensions
      • Tri Pushdowns
      • Bi Curls
      • Reverse Flies
      • Lower Back Extensions
    • 3 x 15
      • Lat Pulldowns 
      • Rows
  • Run – 30 minutes - Did not run for 30 minutes. I ran 1 mile and then stopped as I became light headed. I did not eat breakfast this morning and it caught up to me because I was no properly fueled. Legs were dead from the bike and disappointed I did not run longer. No need to push too hard this early into training.
  • Bike – 30 minutes- Rode one of the stationary bikes at the YMCA. It killed my knees. I also realized that I need to work on this aspect as well. Legs were burning and I only went 8 miles in 29 minutes. Need to work on leg strength and endurance.

  • Swim – 1000 yards - I worked in some beginner swimming drills and tried to work on some technique that I read about and watched online. I swam the 100 yards in 30 minutes time total from when I entered until I got out. Not able to really swim more than a down and back without stopping yet, but I am still learning. I incorporated some drills where I just used my legs, swam using only one arm, etc. Seemed to help. I just need to learn to relax, breath, and find a rhythm. Swimming kicks my butt. I am dead the rest of the day.
  • Bike – 30 minutes or 10 miles
  • Lift – Circuit Training – sets of 12 - Alright.  I need more work after struggling on pull up pyramid.
    We started with the following
    • 20 Wide grip push up
    • 20 regular
    • 20 tri pushup
    • 250 abs of choice
    • 1-10 pull up pyramid. I was only able to go up to 6 and back down. I was dead and just not strong enough to make it up to 10. Will go for 7 this week.
  • Long Run – 10 miles - I tried a new course this Sunday. It contained so many hills it was ridiculous! I felt good running. Quite tired now and will have to readjust my workout schedule for the week because I am not sure about running 5 miles tomorrow. I ended up running 9 miles in 1:16 giving me a 8:32 mile pace. The hills on miles 5-9 really took a toll on my legs, but glad to see I can still manage to run this far.
Overall, I am happy with this first week of experimenting with multi-sports. I was not able to achieve everything on this workout plan for the first week. Am I upset? Not really because I had not idea how to gauge a good starting point. I have some tough challenges ahead of me, but I know that I can achieve them if I just keep staying positive, making goals, and putting together a plan down on paper. I hope you are achieving your goals. If not, what are you waiting for? Write down one goal and put together a plan. Now on to week 2. I plan on trying to do the same workout again but complete everything and continue to make some improvements.
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