Saturday, November 6, 2010

Book Review: Raiders' Ransom by Emily Diamand

Title: Raiders' Ransom
Author: Emily Diamand
# of Pages: 334
Cybil Book #14

I finally finished this book. It took me almost a week to get through, but I have completed it. Do I recommend this book? Maybe. I think some students will really like this book. It was not my favorite, but I don't want that to be a determining factor in a decision to read this book. It did win The Times Children's Fiction Competition. However, I found some parts of this book frustrating. Let me provide a quick synopsis


It's the 22nd century and, because of climate change, much of England is underwater. Poor Lilly is out fishing with her trusty sea-cat when greedy raiders pillage the town--and kidnap the prime minister's daughter. Her village blamed, Lilly decides to find the girl. Off she sails, in secret. And with a ransom: a mysterious talking jewel. "If I save his daughter," Lilly reasons, "the prime minister's sure to reward me." Little does Lilly know that it will take more than grit to outwit the tricky, treacherous piratical tribes!

My Thoughts:

I really believed this book had potential to be awesome. I really enjoyed some parts, but there was enough that bothered me to not give it glowing reviews. Here are a few things that really bothered me.

1. The first 50 pages. I don't know if it was due to the fact that I was super tired this week or felt sick with a head cold when I first picked this book up, but I was so confused in the beginning. It took me some time to realize that the chapters were switching back and forth. Later I finally figured out the pictures behind the chapter number represented either Lilly or Zeph. Duh! I know, but it was not clear for me early on and I lost focus and interest.

For some reason I continued on because I really wanted to like this book. Once I figured out the style, I became interested in the plot line. The whole Raiders vs. English and the future where things are not quite as advanced as we are now really grabbed me again. However......

2. The cat drove me insane. It is a seacat. I kept waiting for something spectacular to occur, but no. So much time was placed on this creature, but it never talked or did anything special(at least in my mind). I kept waiting for it to transform into a monster like a Pokemon or something. Very disappointed in the cat.

However, I did love the action and fighting scenes. I wish there was more early on to grab me earlier in the story. I really liked reading about some of the final scenes. Very cool.

3. Another sequel! Whatever happened to stand alone novels? I know it sells and makes more money. I know the sequel comes out in the UK March 1st. Will I read this sequel? Yes, I probably will because I am that type of person that must know what happens and I need closure.

There you have it. There are many reviews about this book. Some love this book and others don't. I am torn down the path of which side to go with. I flipped back and forth. I will leave it up to you decide about this book.
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