Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Morning Reflections and Thoughts

This morning I forced my way out of bed despite how comfortable my blankets felt. You ever those mornings where you wake up and your bed feels like it has been changed into a cloud of heaven where you are afraid to move because if you do you might not ever be that comfortable again. I was in that moment this morning.

I went to the gym to workout where nobody was there. There was probably a total of 10 people. For some reaosn my mind flipped a switch and I got to work. Knocked out some good excercies and also did my Initial Test for my new program goal - 100 Push-Ups. My training guide for this came in and therefore I tested to see where I currently am.

I completed 40 successful push-ups with proper form. For my age group(30-39) that places me in the Very Good category(37-46). Now I will follow this 7 week program to move towards 100 push-ups. A new little challenge to help me stay motivated.

I also ran a mile to test the foot again. Ran an 8 minute mile and felt great. I think the foot is back where it needs to be. Now I need new shoes and a new focus mentally and it is on.

I would also like to give a big THANKS to EA (Electronic Arts) for their brilliant app sale approach. Not only did I previously not own any of their apps, but due to their sale I now own 5 apps and probably another 5 or so more before this sale ends. AGGHHH! Apps are taking over my life just like I talked about with students.

I made this comment the other day. It is not that kids are necessarily lazy. The problem lies with the fact that they live in a world where everything is instant. They know longer need to know unnecessary facts because all of those things are in the palm of their hand(literally). They need the skill sets to learn how to sort, organize, analyze, study, etc. the data. They need the skill set to be able to problem solve. They need the skill set to know what to do when they don't know an answer.

As teachers and schools we are so far behind. Frustration sets in because we are asking them to do things with technology and methods that are outdated. A computer is fine and fast. Buy why type in a long web address when they can push a touchscreen app button and there it is? We are behind times.

Not sure where I am going with this point as I became sidetracked talking about EA apps. Back to the games. If you don't own Pictureka! give that one a whirl. Amazing how a 60 second timer can prevent you from finding three fruits. The insanity!

Well, I am stopping here as I have officially lost my mind. My brain has been drained from any more thoughts or ideas. I started losing my mind last night and I am in need of a break to refuel my thinking cap. Have a great weekend. I must tend to reading for both the Cybils and my very own book tournament. Of course, playing more apps on my ipad and drinking coffee and listening to X-Mas music and...............
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