Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh boy, I have to do what?

As I sit here this Sunday morning I feel a bit stressed(maybe stress is too strong of a word) with everything going on right now. I have myself all over and many of the things I am working on or want to get finished up are of my own accord. I have tried for the last two weeks to get myself to a point where I could feel good about moving on on some new projects and ideas, but just have not seemed to get to a place where I feel confident about things. So, I have decided to post my to do list here on my blog because putting out here in the cyberspace arena seemed to work when I was training. Here is my list of what I plan to get done this week.

1. I have a stack of about 20 magazines that I need to read through and either discard or keep based on content(yes, I have a massive pile of magazine that I feel contain too much good stuff to toss. I know bizarre, but it fits in well with the thousands of book in my house). In order to forced myself to actually get through these magazines I am going to be making posts about what I feel was valuable reading.

2. I need to get my reading count to at least 40 by next Sunday for the Cybils. I have some serious reading to get done prior our online discussion about our shortlist of best books.

3. I need to finalize some project ideas for second semester. As I finish these projects up I will probably post on my Twitter feed for feedback and maybe even here.

4. I have not made a Nerd Factory video for quite some time. I need to make one because I have so much to share. If you only knew what my parents purchased me for my birthday you would be begging to see the video footage.

Those are my four big things to get done on top of the daily living of teaching, Lego Robotics, coaching basketball, getting back into training (I finally get to run this week), reading my Twitter account(so, so addicted), and my family.

If I get these things off my plate, then that will allow me to enjoy my future projects

1. Coffee For The Brain Book Tournament kicks off in January. Judge meeting on Tuesday, but this tournament is a major time consumer. There is a lot more to running this than I imagined, but I am so excited to see how it unravels.

2. International Pen Pal Morning Club where I am going to expand the global connections of my elementary ELP students and open things up to any BMS student who wants to correspond with students from around the world. The first meeting is this Thursday at 7:35. This will also be another time consumer.

3. I begin coaching basketball with my 8th grade squad starting in January. Enough said there.

4. Lego Robotic team state is in January. Time to redesign robot.

5. Most important to my heart is getting ready for some races in the spring. I need to get back in shape, cut weight, get stronger(physically and mentally) and knock out a race or two before May when Little Hoosier #3 arrives.

6.  Get the Coffee For the Brain T-Shirts order forms out and about to donate the money to charity. The votes have been in for a few weeks and time to get this ball rolling.

7.Enjoy life and what is the point of doing all of this if you don't enjoy it.

I feel better already about posting this and the checklist begins now as soon as I pay bills, get groceries, help clean the house, and prepare for a Skype conference call on Tuesday.

Time to move. Stay tuned and keep me posted with anything going on Coffeechugians
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