Sunday, December 12, 2010

Things I learned from my massive pile of magazines - Part 1

Tonight I began to go through my magazine pile and begin to dwindle down all this reading material. I have not had time to read the 12+ magazines that I subscribe to. I love to read. I love getting mail. Magazines satisfy both of those needs. Here is the first pit stop of magazines

I sifted quickly through the December issue of Maxim. This magazine I receive due to a previous magazine owned by the parent company had gone under so they are filling out the remainder of the subscription with this one. Anyways, I was suffocated by  the cologne and did not find any that I liked and walked away with some crazy races across America that piqued my interest. The Tough Guy Challenge, The Death Race in Vermont, and the Spartan Race were three that would be a tough, but fun challenge for craqzies like me. Probably won't do any of them, but it helps to get me remotivated to start running again. Lastly, an advertisement for the Ultimate Guys weekend where you have three days of going through the tactical training for special operations. I wonder what the cost is of this event to go and blow things up, shoot at targets, and completely overload the testosterone component to us males. This magazine took all of about 7 minutes to get through. Moving on to better reading material.

Moving on to some better reading I had to read the last two issues of Outside Magazine which came in a package with my National Geographic subscription. The one I read was the December issue. Did you know that the Swiss Army knife was made in 1884? That was a long time ago. I remember receiving my first Swiss army knife in 2nd grade from my dad. He told me it was sharp and to be careful. Being a boy it took no longer than that night while laying in bed to slice my finger and it hurt something bad. You live and learn. They no wmake more than 15 million a year. Crazy stuff.

I came across some other crazy stuff, but you will have to wait until Part 2.
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