Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ornament Post Update

A few days ago I created a post asking for a picture of your favorite ornament on your tree. I mention in that post that I would share my own ornaments. Here is a slideshow with explanations below. Enjoy!

1. Dragonfly - This cheaply constructed $1 dragonfly purchased from Walmart is my son's favorite ornament. This kid loves bugs, animals, nature, etc. He looks at this ornament every single time he comes downstairs to the Aiden, Addy, Aaron tree(Amanda, my wife, has her own tree upstairs). I asked him what his favorite one was and this is what he chose.

2. The snowman is my Addy's favorite ornament. Aiden has one like this also. These came from my mother. The snowman lights up to several colors. Addy carries this ornament all around the house and finally I was able to convince her to place it on the tree.

3. I picked out the remaining four ornaments. I could not pick just one. I realized that this is an impossible task. You forget about the meaning behind some of the ornaments until you actually take time to think about them.

Starting off with the mouse on the Chicago Bulls backboard. I chose this one because it reminds me of my grandfather who has passed away. He loved the Bulls back when Jordan played. I don't think he missed too many games that were on TV. Seeing this ornament always reminds me of him with his pipe and Chicago Bulls sweatshirt.

The next ornament is the white ball with red glitter. Nothing fancy, but these were given to Amanda and I by my grandmother for our first Christmas tree. I was still in college and Amanda was waiting tables and teaching. We were poor and did not have much. We always put these up every year to remind us of my grandmother who is probably one of the sweetest ladies on earth and for us to remember life back in day prior to kids. How time flies!

The third ornament is Goofy. If you look at the tree downstairs in our house it is 75% covered in Scooby and Goofy ornaments. I am an avid fan and collector of both of these cartoon characters. It is tradition for me to get a new ornament of Goofy or Scooby for my birthday or Christmas. I have some pretty cool ornaments as well as some really special Goofy collectibles that my grandparents found back when they used to go "antiquing".

The last one is Larry Bird. How could I not include a Larry Bird ornament? One, I am a Hoosier and Larry is the epitome of being a Hoosier(there could be a case made for John Mellencamp and Axl Rose potentially). I loved Larry Bird back in the day. Second, how many people can claim to have Larry Bird on their Christmas tree? Not too many my good friends. Hence the reason that my wife has me put my ornaments on a separate tree as her tree is all color coded and matches with white lights with ribbon and all that jazz. It looks quite good. The other tree is a collection of many pieces that the kids decorate. So there are about 50 pieces all side by side on the bottom of the tree. We let them decorate as they choose.

There you have it. My ornaments. I hope you enjoyed reading about them as much as I did typing about them.

Below is a submission from Mrs. Cleveland.

It's difficult for me to pick just one ornament that I love, because I have a huge collection of ornaments. One of my favorite parts of Christmas is getting all of the ornaments out and putting them on the tree, recalling memories of when I received them and who they were from. Now that I have children, I've asked family members to pick out an ornament for each of my girls every Christmas and label the year and who it's from. My goal is for both of my girls to have a fully decorated tree of their own, filled with ornaments and memories from loved ones when they grow up and leave my home someday. However, this leaves me currently in need of a second tree because I have so many! The picture attached includes three of my many favorites. What a difficult choice I had when narrowing these down! The two snowmen on the left is the first ornament I bought after marrying my husband almost 10 years ago. It represents us together for our first married Christmas. The Willow Tree family ornament on the right represents my complete family; husband, two children, and myself. I'm so blessed. And the one in the middle represents just me and my love of cooking and baking.

If you would still like to submit your ornaments go right ahead. There is never a bad time to share your ornaments on this blog. Send the pictures and descriptions to

Happy Holidays
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