Thursday, December 2, 2010

Too Much To Read in Too Short of Time!!!!

Here is my current TBR pile for Cybils. This is just the pile of books that I have received from publishers. I have stopped with getting books from the library because I feel obligated to read the books that the publishers have sent. If they are willing to send out brand new books, then the least I can do is read and review. I have read 26 books so far and feel way behind. I have a few more weeks left. This pile does not include all the ebooks that I have on my iPad either.

Panic stricken? Yes. Stressed? Maybe not stressed, but just need more time to read. I have sworn to myself that even if I don't get through them all in time, I am still going to continue to read until I have them all finished.

I never thought I would find myself breaking down sci-fi/fantasy books for middle grade quite this way. I find myself scrutinizing over plot elements, setting, characters, flow, length, and writing style.

Why do I share this with you? I needed to get it off my chest. It feels good to express my loss of sanity these last few days with so much going on.

More importantly I share this because I love every minute of this challenge of reading for the Cybils. Every night I tell my wife how awesome this has been as I open a new box of books from my doorstep. I hope I am selected for future judging opportunities.

No more wasting time, I have more books to read. Peace Out Homey!
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