Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Triathlon and Marathon Training - Stress Fracture Update

It has been two weeks since I went to the doctor and found out about my good old stress fracture. I will be honest in that I have fallen apart in my nutrition. I am sure the cold weather and holiday season is the primary fact, but wearing this boot has not helped matters. It is usually the time slot of  7:00 - 9:30 at night when I lose all control.

Anyways, today my foot passed all inspections. I was able to apply pressure and hop on the foot 10 times. Where does that take me? Each day now I am to slowly work on making my way throughout the day without a boot. Tomorrow I will try to go one hour without the boot, two hours on Friday, etc. As long as I feel no pain or tenderness I can progress each day. If I feel pain, then I need to slow down and stick with the boot. I will hopefully be boot free in two weeks.

Once I am to the point of no boot, then I can begin to run. I am allowed 1-2 miles every other day slowly increasing my distance by 10% each week. This is a slow and tedious process of getting back to being healthy. t looks like it won't be until after Christmas before I am slowly getting back into the shape I was once in.

Once the boot is removed I will be able to bike and cross train. As of right now I have simply been circuit training and swimming. Not terrible, but I know I have lost so much of what I have gained from this past season. I am happy to have an injury now if I were to have one because I don't have a race around the corner and don't have the stress of trying to come back too soon and causing more problems.

So in a nutshell, I will begin to study and further learn more about my preparations. I will start to devise a training plan and race schedule for the spring and summer so when I am 100% I know exactly what I need to do.

Thanks to all who follow me on my journey and to those of you who have shared stories, tips, and advice either on this blog, email, or Twitter. There is a huge online support group of athletes who just love to promote healthy living. Now if only I could work on how to reduce a few pounds during this winter season!!!

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