Monday, December 13, 2010

Training - First Run Since Foot Injury

Today I woke up to below zero temperatures. My motivation has been just as high. I keep telling myself that it is time for self control and getting back to where I was a few months ago. As I tell myself that I am indulging and scarfing down another piece of triple layered chocolate cake my wife got me for my birthday and eating endlessly for 24 hours. Today I feel like things have returned. Finally!

We did a basic chest workout to start this week off. After lifting chest it was time to test out the foot. I synced up my Garmin Footpod to also try this device out to see how accurate it really is indoors. IT was incredibly precise. The YMCA has a track that takes 16 laps for one mile.

I was not going for speed

I was not going for time

I was going to see if my foot could handle the one mile run as prescribed by my doctor.

The foot could handle the mile. I ran the mile in 9:55.

It felt fabulous to be running again. I have missed getting out and running. Running inside is not as enjoyable, but today it was as I was actually able to do it. I will be able to run every other day this week for 1-2 miles and if it feels good then I can increase by 10%.

It is time. I need to get a race in the month of April before little Hoosier comes around. I need to plan and begin to train if I want any hope of a better half marathon time from my first run last this year or a potential first marathon run.

Watch out people. Here I come.
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