Thursday, December 30, 2010

Training - P90X - Day 2 - Plyometrics

Late last night I was looking through everything trying to find a way to become more organized with tracking my workouts, food, measurements, etc. As I was reading through the materials again I realized that I was supposed to do the Ab Ripper X workout yesterday as well. Last night I made my way downstairs to knock this 15 minute workout out. Whew! That workout kicked my core and this morning I was sore to put it lightly.

I crawled out of bed this morning. I slept in to about 7:30 which is late for me. I like to get my workouts done before the kids wake up. Aiden came down and laughed at my misery today as I tried to fight my way through the Ply workout. Tony said this was the main workout of the program and I can see why. My legs were burning just in the warmup. I took more breaks than I wanted, but I was dead tired. My legs are fatigued like no other.

I love it!

I love it because I have a system that I can follow and I no it will work. I love it because I feel parts of my body that gave me problems last year during my runs that will be stronger this year. My hips, my core, quads and hams are all going to be better off for the training when this is done. My flexibility will also improve and that is a major weakness of mine.

My knees were killing me during this workout. Partly because I am out of shape. Partly because I am doing all of this in my basement where concrete is right underneath the carpet.

I have a food journal to document each day. I might share this. I just need to decide what will be best for me and my motivation. I have to eat a lot.

Needless to say that grocery shopping yesterday was expensive. It is not cheap to eat healthy. Additionally, with the holidays and birthdays and so forth we had pretty much nothing but junk food in our house. I had to start from scratch. You have no idea how much mind control is needed to be home all day and not snack on this or that every time I walk by the pantry.

If my kids did not love the snacks so much I would throw them away, but that is a battle I am not going after right now.

Until next time.

Have you created some goals yet? It is that time of year where we all set goals. Start small and make a clear  path to your achievements.
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