Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book Review: Bring It On by Tony Horton

Title: Bring It On
Author: Tony Horton

From www.teambeachbody.com

 His first book, creator of the best-selling P90X® workout series Tony Horton shares the fundamentals of the fitness philosophy that has helped millions of people transform their bodies and lives. With photographs, easy-to-follow instructions, meal plans, and recipes, Tony can give you the results you've been looking for. A better body—and future—is yours when you BRING IT!

My Thoughts

I am in my third week of P90X and checked this book out of the library to find some new ideas. I really liked this book. Overall, when it comes to fitness and working out, the DVD's are the way to go. This book is a good read to remind yourself of where you need to be and how to get there. They go hand in hand depending on what you need.

My first thought was that I could not believe that he is in his 50's. I need to get focused as I am still 30 years young and don't look anywhere near as good as he does. This book provides a good framework for everything from the workouts to the food to the plan to slowly rid yourself of bad habits. 

Parts of this I thought were extreme. I don't think I can give up coffee. However, when my last bag of Starbucks is finished I am going to try to go 30 days caffeine free like he suggests in the book to see how I feel. I will keep you posted on this on my blog when I try.

Some of the ideas of eating go against the P90X like eliminating dairy and I consume dairy quite a bit in my eating plan. However, this is not supposed to be exactly like P90X. 

I like his tips and motivation. I am interested in some of the recipes. The workouts look tough. I have not tried them as I am currently in the P90X workout,but will give them a try when I finish this routine.

Give this book read. There is a ton of useful info to help you get ready to get back in shape and looking good.  Yes, I will be buying this book after previewing it from the library. This one needs to be part of my collection.

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