Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coffee For The Brain Book Tournament - Book Review: Escape From Memory by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Title: Escape From Memory
Author: Magaret Peterson Haddix
Pages: 276

I read this book ahead of my massive TBR pile of new releases as I had a few judges who were not able to stay up with the reading or changed their mind. I took on this book to help another judge in deciding which book will make it to the next round. This is not a decision post, but just a book review.

From www.haddixbooks.com

Published: 2005
Reviews: Haddix nimbly balances a fascinating examination of the significance of memory with an exciting, fantastical adventure story.—Booklist

PLOT: When Kira agrees to let her friends hypnotize her at a slumber party, she has no idea that she will reveal secrets even she didn't know she had--memories of fleeing a war-torn country with her mother, understanding a language she can't identify. Then her mother disappears, and a woman calling herself Aunt Memory takes Kira to Crythe, a place that doesn't officially exist, in order to rescue her mother--or so Kira thinks.
She soon learns that there are memories locked in her mind that place her and her mother in grave danger, but those memories are also the only thing that might save them. Escape from Memory imagines a culture that values its memories above everything else--and a teen who has to make the most important decision of her life.

My Thoughts

I have read some other novels by Haddix before and really enjoyed a few. This one I had a hard time really getting into. I know that many teens and middle grade students love this book. There are tons of great reviews all over the internet for this book. I think that this is typical Haddix book with the typical Haddix plot twists that kids have come to love.

I, however, just did not get into the storyline. I don't know if it was because I have other books that I wanted to read or what. I had no emotional tie to the main character and really did not care what her outcome would be. Being a Haddix book I also knew that it would turn out to be pretty happy in the end.

I did read it and for anyone who likes this author, you will really like this book. There was a blurb on the front cover about it being "Matrix-esque" and that really fascinated me(yes, did you hear the rumor that a Matrix 4 and 5 films are in the works!!!!!!), but I did not feel the Matrix.

Don't neglect this book based on my thoughts. I tend to get more picky as I continue to read more and more. Kids will love this book. I would recommend for middle school on up as the plot can be a little tricky to follow with Aunt Memory and that whole debacle. Don't forget that this book was the Golden Duck Award in 2004 and was also on the Top Ten List for Teen's in 2004 for the Teen Read Week.

I think it will be interesting to see what my new partner(middle school student) thinks of this book and the other one we were to read. I cannot wait to have a little chat.

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