Thursday, January 6, 2011

Book Review: Miracle Wimps

Title: Miracle Wimp
Author: Erik P. Craft
256 Pages
Grades 7+
Author Website

Synopsis: from Powell Books

Taking readers on an episodic journey, this book follows Tom Mayo as he navigates his way through wood shop, dating, driving, and the meat-headed Donkeys, bullies who are determined to make his life miserable. Filled with humorous details and sardonic wit, the book deftly portrays high school through the eyes of a wisecracking misfit. Illustrations.

 My Thoughts
I picked this book up as I put it on hold. Over winter break I cleaned up all my post it notes of book suggestions and whatnot. I put all books on hold and this was one of the ones to come in right away.

This book reads like a journal even though it is not actually a journal. It pretty much follows the day to day activities of Tom Mayo, who is a kid that is not part of the "in-crowd" and does not really fall into any category.

In many ways it reminded me a version of Napoleon Dynamite(one of my all time favorite movies..."Tina, come and eat your ham!". There is artwork sketched on each page as you read. The story just follows Tom as he tries to navigate teen life and find his place and calling in the world. He works through friendship, dealing with bullies, crushes with girls, obtaining your drivers license, learning about yourself, etc.
There is nothing that will catch you off guard nor is there anything that will blow you away. However, I laughed at this book as some scenes were exactly like my life in high school. It was a fun, nice and easy read. It is good to have these books that are designed to just shed light on life without having to make a powerful statement. I think the most important thing to the story is that when high school life is all said and done, what a waste of time to worry about fitting in. In the end, nobody cares once you graduate. I know when you are in the high school(or middle school) stage of life you don't believe this, but it is so true.

Go ahead and check this book out if you are looking for funny outlook on growing up. It was a pleasure to read this.
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