Thursday, January 6, 2011

Training - P90X - Day 4 - Yoga X

Thank goodness I checked the time on this DVD last night. 90 minutes is a long time to do anything. I had to set my alarm to 4:15 to make sure I could fit it in this morning before work. With basketball and Lego Robotics if my workouts don't get done in the morning, then it is a lost cause.

This was tough. I was sweating pretty good through the first half. I kept looking at the time left and this did not help me. When I finally cleared my mind this workout flew by. Once I get use to the poses I will be able to focus more on my breathing and freeing my mind. Being the first time I had to stop and watch to make sure I was doing some of these poses correctly.

I was a little doubtful to do this. I want to get back in running shape and therefore woke up feeling like I should be running instead of doing yoga. Now that I have completed this workout I can see some really great benefits.

I need to improve my flexibility. It is rather ridiculous how tight my body is. This will help me with my running for sure.

I need to improve my strength in my balance and core muscles. Going through some of the simple poses I was really struggling. By working to increase my body awareness I should be able to start off better than last year. Improving my hips, glutes, back, and all those stabilizer muscles will be an added benefit.

Variety. Doing some yoga will keep me from burning out on running too early. My plan is to start full out training come March. If I stick to one or two runs a week now I will be fine. If I try to push it to more, then I will be tired of running come race season.

This was a nice start to my morning. The body feels good and worked out, but not exhausted. Legs and back tomorrow might be a different story.
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