Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hot Music Debate: Guns N Roses - Use Your Illusion 1 or 2: Which is better?

I just want all of my fellow blog friends and viewers that I have been in a constant mind debate over the last 3 days trying to decided which album is better by Guns N Roses

Use Your Illusion 1


Use Your Illusion 2

I will let you know that as of this posting I have listened to each album at least 3 times and closing in on 4. Before I post my final decision you might want to give both a listen and come up with your own choice and rationale. 

This is serious music talk. I cannot stop thinking about this. When something gets stuck in my mind it does not leave until there is resolution.

I will post my final answer in a day or two. Until then listen to two unbelievable fantastic rock n roll albums and possibly one of the best compilations of music ever assembled in the rock n roll era.

Just as heads up, I am looking for other possible albums by other bands to compare. Do you have a good suggestion? Leave it in the comments. 

I love talking music and have not done so on this blog in quite some time.

Just another heads up. I am also working on a list of the best epic songs of all time. I will be following the guidelines from this post to compile my list. Yes, a few GnR songs are in my consideration pool.

Happy music listening!

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