Monday, January 10, 2011

P90X - Week 1 Results and Reflection

What can I say? This was a crazy past week and a true test to sticking with the guidelines. I have to admit that I as I type prior to working out Monday morning that I am still rather sore from the workouts despite missing two Ab Ripper X workouts and the Kenpo X.

When I weighed in last Monday I came in at 224.6 with body fat of 22.2

The chest and back workout was tough. I had to complete this at home due to my alarm not working and oversleeping. Ab Ripper X not done

Tuesday I ran on the treadmill to replace Plyos. I also did the Ab Ripper X that morning.

Wednesday was Shoulders and Arms. A really good workout. I was dragging majorly that morning as I was up all night with my kids who were sick.

Thursday I completed the Yoga X. I found this to be rather challenging and could not do half the stuff very well.

Friday we did legs and they have been sore ever since.

Saturday did not workout as I was still feeling rather tired and on edge from the previous day of being very sick.

Sunday I never did do the Kenpo X as planned, but did get in a good game of basketball for some cardio.

Eating according the portion approach has been interesting. I have more to eat than ever before. I am actually finding it difficult to eat all the food that is required. I am still trying to figure out how to mark down things that I eat that are not in the nutrition guide. Still looking for something to help me with this. The hardest part is the carbs. I only get one serving in phase 1. Carbs are everywhere and therefore a challenge mentally to avoid. I did good for the most part, but am frustrated with my toughness. I had 3 bad days of eating. One was not eating enough as I was sicker than a dog myself and barely ate anything all day. The other two days were just a meltdown mentally. Saturday we had my kids birthday party and therefore the pizza tasted too good. I did not go crazy, but I know that does not fit onto the "Fat Shredding" phase at all. I hope to have a better week this week.

Despite having a few setbacks I still managed to make some progress. One week later I am at 221.6 with a body fat of 21.7. Despite not eating good for three days and being sick and not getting in all the workouts I wanted I have to say I am happy with the 3 lb loss and .5% body fat decrease.

Lastly, I have been very tired since starting P90X. I think it is a combo of the training along with coaching basketball and Lego Robotics, but I was dragging some serious butt last week. I hope to feel better throughout the week this week despite having a busier schedule than last week.

That is where I am. Just a normal guy trying to get himself ready to a few half marathons this summer.

You never know what is possible until you try.
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