Monday, January 3, 2011

My Goals for 2011 - Personal Goals....Not Training Goals

I have been spending a great deal of time preparing myself for my upcoming training programs and plans for the next 8-10 months, but one of the most important parts that I was forgetting to think about was myself.

Working like crazy today on the last day of my winter break it dawned upon me that it was time to actually hash out what my goals for this year are going to be. I was posting on Twitter about how much "crap" my kids have hoarded away in their rooms. It dawned on me that they get this trait honestly because I am the same way. I have so much STUFF. All at once my personal goals were laid out in front of me.

Here are my personal goals this year and I hope to refer back to these from month to month to check in on my own progress.

1. Downsize - I have stuff. Lots of stuff. I collect everything. I have a large assortment of things that I just need to let go. This weekend I have already tossed about 5 garbage bags of things as we have been working on cleaning out the house. One of the things that I need to downsize is my book collection.......

2. Book Collection. I have hundreds and hundreds of books. Last year I posted over a 100 books on, but the problem is that I end up requesting a book for every single one I give away. This year I plan on reading a book and if I don't feel like it is a keeper or worthy of staying on my bookshelf to be read again(yes, there are many great books that I will read, but will not keep), then I will simply give them away on my blog. Look for many giveaways this year(I have one going on right now). To get things started if you are reading this then I am giving away two hardcover Harry Potter books. Book 6 and 7. Book 7 has my name written on the outside from when I had it in my old classroom. You want them, then just let me know. First come, first serve. All I ask is that maybe you become a follower and possibly write a review or something. However, you can do nothing as I have no control over you.
3. Be more organized. I have notebooks and pads of paper with scribble marks all over. I have the most massive pile of scrap paper that just has quotes, websites, notes to myself, etc. ever. I went through the whole stack over break and eliminated the whole pile. I now have a little black book that I will keep in my pocket to stay organized, but yet allow me to continue to make notes as needed.

4. Continue to love life like a kid. I had so much fun this break shooting Nerf guns and playing video games with my kids. I want to continue to act like I am 12 years old.

5. Try to make more contact and improvements through my blog and wikis. As I continue to work on my internet appeal I hope to try to make some new projects and make everything BIGGER and BETTER. In two years I have come a long ways and still have a long way to go. I want to be SUPERBAD online. I want Coffeechug to be a household name. Alright, I am getting ahead of myself, but still want to push the envelope and help students and others learn to accept being nerdy and to be yourself.

6. Read over a 100 books this year. I was four short in 2010, but I want to surpass the century mark this year. I hope to be part of the Cybils again and continue to work with authors to get their novels exposed to students and other readers.

7. Make better YouTube videos. I have taken some time off of making videos. It is about that time to get back on the video making bandwagon. I have some new software to make videos super cool, but I just have not had time to explore it yet. Look for better things to come.

There you have it. My 7 goals that I have set for myself. They are big goals, but all ones that I can achieve. My fitness training goals will be coming in a separate post, but these 7 are the ones that I will be focusing on.

I hope these make your blog experience better. I hope to meet all these goals. What are your goals? It is time.

Well, it is time to get back to finishing up the winter cleaning in the house. I have more to throw away(goal #1).

Peace Out Homies!
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