Monday, January 3, 2011

Please help a WONDERFUL former student of mine earn a scholarship - Pretty Please with a Cup of Coffee

Earlier today I had the pleasant surprise of receiving an email from one of my former students. She was part of the poor test group that had to endure my first year as a teacher. She has since survived and done an amazing job turning herself into being a fantastic person.

Anyways, here is what she emailed me.....

If you have some free time…
I've applied for a video scholarship and was wondering if you could help my video go viral! Voting goes until January 15th and any vote helps! You can vote as many times as possible!
My video is the 4th one down, the only one in black and white. Thanks so much for your help!
Vote early! Vote often!

Please watch her video and there will be no reason for you to doubt your vote. She was not only an amazing 6th grade student of mine, but she also was a great leader and mentor last year as a high school counselor for our 6th grade outdoor camping trip that our school does every year. 

Please vote, maybe leave a comment, and spread the word. Retweet this on Twitter, pass it along to friends, share on FB, etc. Help Katie earn that scholarship that she deserves. 


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