Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Training - P90X - Day 2 - Well, modified for cardio.....just read

Today I decided not to do the plyometrics workout that is assigned today for P90X. I decided that I would be better off to use these days to work on my cardio and primarily my running. I need to get a base established and to do this I need to ease into running. No sense in trying to do too much to only find myself injured.

I ran with my new shoes. They are unbelievably comfortable and worth every penny.

I used my footpod for my Garmin Forerunner to make sure my distance was accurate and took off. I started off slow and gradually built up some speed to a point where my heart was racing and eased back down. I have not ran much at all in over a month so I have lost so much.

I ended up running 3 miles in 26 minutes. Not too bad for my running debut. My average pace was 8:44 burning 533 calories. I laugh looking at my pace time knowing that mid November I was cranking out 9-12 mile runs with an average pace time of 8:28 or so. I have goals and I have time to meet them is what I keep telling myself.

I spent most of my running time (11:53) at the heart rate zone 5 or a BPM of over 180. Not exactly sure how to read heart rates very well yet, but looking at the chart it seems to me that I was working hard due to be out of shape?

I finished with Abs Ripper X from P90X as I never was able to get that in yesterday. That was a nice finish to the run. A good morning to start off the day back with kids in the classroom.

Yes, I am sore. Yes, I love it. Yes, it feels good to be back baby!
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