Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Random Question Thrown In Your Face!

Alright, so I am reading a new book that is going to be released March 1st in Australia and even though I just started the book I have already laughed several times within the first 20 pages.

The book got me thinking about something that made me stop and post here on this blog.

What are some sayings that people say that we all accept, yet we really have no idea what it means?

Huh? What are you asking bald guy?

Example, in the story her mother states the following which I have heard at least a thousand times in my life growing up. "Dead as a doornail."

Yes, we all get the concept in the phrase. You are either
1. No longer breathing
2. In some serious doo-doo and about to get grounded or in serious trouble

Yet, how many of actually know what a doornail is and someone would say "dead as a doornail"?

I had no clue myself so I did a little Google search and found the following info over at

I was going to post the info here on the blog, but the author has it all copyrighted so I will let it be. Just go the link and read and then come back here and post something interesting for the rest of us to read.

However, who would have thought it would have dated back to the times of medieval doors?
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