Friday, February 25, 2011

Book Review: Tribes by Seth Godin

Title: Tribes
Author: Seth Godin

Author Website:

My Thoughts

This is a book about what it takes to be leader for your tribe. It is a different take on becoming a leader. This is not some action plan type book where you must follow this step, then this step, etc.

This is book bounces around from thought to thought. I loved it. It provides some great ideas, thoughts, and suggestions on what it takes to be a leader. It is general so it applies to whoever you are and whoever you plan on leading.

I am a big fan of Seth Godin.I started reading his blog and tweets a few months back and just love his insights and thoughts. I finally decided to read one his books. This was the one that I decided to go with. Yes, I will be reading his others. I have them all on hold as we speak. I took many notes.

My favorite little story in the book is the balloon factory and the unicorn. I laughed and then thought, "Wow, that is a perfect story to share with my team."

It is a book that is a quick read, but I spent many pages re-reading and then writing down my thoughts and reflections. Yes, like the other books I have been reading(Find Your Zone) I will be making future posts about how I am applying the ideas I have recorded in my notebook.

The key to remember is that anyone is capable of being a great leader in this day and age. We all have access to all the tools needed to organize and construct our tribes. Just remember that you have to have a tribe to be a leader and vice versa.

I have already thought about implementing his ideas in this book into my coaching youth basketball and in my job as a middle school teacher.

I would love to connect with others who have read this book about what they took away from the book.

This is one that will probably be purchased so I have it to reference to when needed.
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