Monday, February 28, 2011

Coffee For The Brain Book Tournament - Put on Your Reading Hats

Put on your reading hats

It is time for ALL of you to help out in the judging of the FINAL FOUR books in the COFFEE FOR THE BRAIN BOOK TOURNAMENT

Here it is. This is a link to the bracket of the book tournament(which is also posted at the top of this blog). Check out the book matches so far.

We have dwindled the books down the final four. It has been exciting and a load of fun watching the judges scramble to make a decision.

It is time for you to participate. You don't need a partner(but feel free to discuss freely here on the blog)

All you have to do is:

1. Pick one of the two book pairings or maybe read all four books.

Will you read: Compound vs. Maze Runner

Or will you read: Red Kayak vs. Matched


Or read all four books

2. Once completed with the reading of one of these pairings, then go on over to the Judge Form and fill out the required information. Please provide your insights as to why you chose the book you did.

3. We will have until March 18th to read and offer your insights. This is three good weeks of reading time(time extended due to our Spring Break).

4. After March 18th the final two books will be announced and we will once again allow everyone to read and decided on their favorite book in the 1st Annual Coffee For The Brain Book Tournament

Spread the word. Let everyone know. The more insights we have the more balanced of a book decision will be reached.

I cannot wait to see the results. I am super excited!!!!!

Here is a link to the form once you have read the books. Please fill it out the best you can.
Click here to fill out the judge form for the books

Still waiting for the first votes to come in. I will keep the stats updated on blog as they come in!!
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