Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3:15 Launches

I have not had time to experiment with this yet, but anything with Patrick Carman has always been super cool so I am simply sharing the email I received. This is all on my To Do List tonight when the kids go to bed. I will post what I think tomorrow.

Official Patrick Carman / PC Studio Project Announcement


Patrick Carman and PC Studio have been using technology to meet wired kids halfway for years with groundbreaking projects like Skeleton Creek and TRACKERS. Today the studio is launching a project that will re-imagine the short story for a wired world. We hope you'll consider sharing a brand new way to engage distracted young readers and get them turning pages.

How to find out about the project:

- Visit and click on the 'what is 3:15' link for a full and simple description of the project.

- Read the project description below (feel free to post or forward any or all parts)

- Download the FREE 3:15 App from the Apple store or Android Marketplace (keyword 3:15)


How you can help get 3:15 in front of tweens and teens:

- Book bloggers, we have always appreciated you so much! Anything you can share about 3:15 with your readers would be amazing.

- Librarians and teachers, wow, you really make it happen day in and day out. If you have access to an iPod Touch, an Android phone, or any tablet that will download an App, please download the FREE 3:15 App (keyword 3:15) and share the first story with your students. If they don't have access to an App enabled device, their friends do, and they can share! We're so excited to see 3:15 inspire your wired young readers to read short stories.

- Fans, we need you now! Post on Facebook or Twitter, download the App, tell your friends, visit and win a 3:15 T-shirt, or all of the above! We cherish our fans and hope you'll blow the horn for us.

A huge thank you!

Thank you librarians, teachers, book bloggers, publishers, and champions of reading! It's risky and expensive breaking new ground in the world of reading, and we simply couldn't succeed without your help.


Patrick Carman
Creative Director
PC Studio, Inc.

3:15 - Short stories for a wired world

3:15 means several things. It's a time when things go bump in the night. A place where spooky stories find a home. A feeling, that chill running down your spine.

Three stands for LISTEN, READ, and WATCH, because that's what you do with a 3:15 story. Fifteen is for how long it's going to take you: fifteen minutes or less. Paul Chandler, the narrator of 3:15, will introduce you to each story. After listening to the introduction, it's time to read for about ten minutes. Read the words to unlock the ending: a video that will show how the story concludes. We advise leaving the lights on.

3:15 launched on March 15, 2011 as an App (keyword 3:15) for all Apple and Android devices (iPad optimized version coming in May). The App is FREE, and comes pre-loaded with the first story. After that, new $.99 stories will appear in the App every two weeks. Season one will include 10 episodes, and culminate in a Scholastic print edition, releasing for Halloween, 2011.

For more information, please visit
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