Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coffeechug and his Little Lattes have opened up a new page on wiki.

Over on our classroom wiki of international pen pals and other projects of us connecting to students from all over we have opened up a new little project titled, Global Gossip.

This is designed for people all around the world to answer questions using Twitter or email or whatever device they want to share information. The responses are designed to help my students bridge connections all around the world and for us to have a springboard for discussion in the classroom.

Please be respectful of the comments you type and I look forward to hearing from all of you around the world.

How do I respond?

You can go about it several ways.

1. Tweet your response with hashtag #globalgossip
2. Email me your response for me to share here on the wiki at
3. Some other means of communication will also work 

Let us begin. Feel free to offer suggestions to future questions. We are open to many ideas.

3.3.11: Question #1: What is one fact about your country/city that others probably would not know? Please include name of country/city/province, etc. in post so we can study further.

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