Monday, March 14, 2011

I have a MAJOR problem with buying books - PLEASE HELP ME!!

Over my spring break I have many goals(just scroll down to the post from yesterday) and one of them is to organize, gather, sort, get rid of, etc. of the books in my office. I have already cleared away hundreds over the course of this year with giveaways, selling on Amazon, and trading on

However, there is more to be done. I recently went through my shelves to determine which ones were keepers(you know those special books that you just cannot part with) and ones that could go. The problem I ran into is that I realized many books I have not had time to read yet.

So, I went through a pulled all the books that I need to read.

It blew me away. It was a good reminder that I have a book problem. I typed up all the books and it really hit home that I need to stop buying books and checking them out of the library because I have a library of my own just waiting to be read.......

271 books to be read(probably could have hit 300 if I include the books I will have to go back and reread to fmailiarize myself with the series.

That is stupid. Stupid that I own this many books and even more stupid that this many have not been read.

My goal after reading my currently library TBR pile and Shantaram(1000 page monster) is to
1. Read each of these books
2. If a fantastic read, then it can earn itself on the ranks of my black booshelf.
3. If a good or bad read, but not worthy of being fantastic, then I will remove it from my house by giving it away or selling it.

Here is the link to my list

Check out the list. Maybe offer some suggestions to which ones you would like for me to read first.

You can also put in any requests to have the books after I read them if there are some you would like. To make things easier, just leave a comment and an email for me to contact you when I read the book.

I am not really sure where to start in this massive list. The key is to not lose focus and buy more books or check out more.

P.S. I won't even begin to tell you about the hundreds of books I have stored on my iPad. That is big enough for a list of their own later on.

Time for me enjoy some reading....and coffee.
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