Thursday, March 3, 2011

Two Important Reading Items

1. The Coffee For The Brain Book Tournament is underway. I made a post the other day explaining how the final four format will work. The tournament is open to everyone. Read a pair of the books and fill out the judging form. There has not been any votes casted yet, so please get them in. I know we still have a little over two weeks left, but if I don't continue to remind and pester many of you will forget.

2. Just wanted to send out a quick reminder/update about the book club idea I suggested last week for teachers. The wiki is now up and running

It is coming along nicely. I have had some other adults across the US join the club and some of you have already joined. The wiki is a great way for us to read, post our thoughts, ask questions, and just have a place to share our thoughts while reading. If you are planning on reading the book, then please join the wiki so you can share out your ideas.

Secondly, I still plan on having a time at the end of March for us to get together in person to talk about the book(for those that can make it) and decide on the next book. The wiki is a great tool, but it is not the same as meeting in person. I will figure out the details later as I wait to see who is all going to participate.
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